Desplans was created based on the recognition that there is a continuous creation of contemporary, high-quality architectural drawings that are not widely accessible to the general public, despite their significant artistic value.

Sketches, photographs, collages, plans, cross-sections, and models all unveil the abstract and stylized origins of architecture, rather than its completed form.

Desplans provides the chance to purchase these artworks in the form of signed limited editions.

Desplans sees the curation of these architects’ works as another way of bringing architecture to life. Our goal is to show what has yet to be seen and render it more accessible to a wider audience.

Guillaume Dubois Orvelius and Albane Cartier-Bresson founded Desplans in 2015, with offices in both Paris and Stockholm. Desplans represents today a community of around fifty of the most talented architects in the world of contemporary architecture.


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