A fine art print is a very high-quality print on art paper. Like a lithograph, photograph or etching, digital fine art prints allow artists to produce their works as a limited series of numbered and signed editions.
“Giclée” printing using pigment-based anti-aging ink on art paper guarantees exceptional images.
Desplans produces its fine art prints at two art printers in Paris and Stockholm.
In addition, a traditional black frame or a natural oak frame is added to the outside of the work, mounted on Dibond, creating a floating effect, rings attached to the back.


The architect is involved in all stages of the production process, in the same way as a lithographer or a photographer would be. The finishes are chosen by Desplans and the architect together. They decide on the formats, colours and papers that are most appropriate for the work.

The first printed copy is stamped BAT (approved for printing) once the architect is satisfied with the result. Before being numbered and signed by the architect, each copy is compared to and assessed against the BAT copy.
The copies are given a number out of the total number of prints in the series, e.g. 5/30 for the 5th copy of a work printed 30 times. Some copies are stamped EA (artist’s collection) and HC (not for sale); these are reserved for the architect and Desplans. Similar to a lithograph, the average Desplans print run is around 50 copies.

Each certificate of authenticity shows the architect’s signature, the format, the print number and the total number of copies, confirming the quality of execution and rarity of the works.

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