Tekla E. Severin

Architect, Stockholm

Tekla Evelina Severin describes herself as a colour addict. As a consequence, she tends to seek the lines, shapes and distinguished colours in every object, landscape or surroundings.
With Stockholm as her basecamp, her role and assignments shifts fluidly between working as an photographer, art director, interior architect, set designer, colourist, and trend forecaster all around the world.

Recently listed by Deezen as one of the top ten architectural photographers in the world. Her broad use of colours equals the variety in her client list; Vogue Brazil, NCS Colour Institute, IKEA, Sightunseen, Air France, Levi’s, Another Magazine, Institut Kunst Basel, Elle Interior UK and Matter Matters, amongst others.

Tekla did her first solo exhibition in Guatemala City and has now also been exhibited in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm, Reykjavik and New York.

Discover more about her work HERE.

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