Opere Varie

Architects, Brussels

OPERE VARIE is the creative corpus of the Italian duo Matteo and Ale Cor. The multiplicity of themes that the duo faces, and the multiplicity of media through which the duo clarifies them, give the name to the multiplicity of expressions, various and together coherent.
OPERE VARIE brings to the emotion through the experience in front of something contemporary and timeless. OPERE VARIE considers the eternal nature of the materials and the most advanced methodologies, to respond to specific wishes through a contemporary and timeless aesthetic. OPERE VARIE offers people to feel part of the story, through the creation of a contemporary and timeless context.
OPERE VARIE is like a deja vu and at the same time a turning point in the way of dealing with the reality of the 21st century in a contemporary and timeless manner. OPERE VARIE is that variety between art and architecture.

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