Architect, Switzerland

Charles Gastaud is a young architect and designer based in Switzerland. He graduated from EPFL and ECAL and has developed a deep affection for drawing since the beginning of his studies.

Drawing in architecture is used either as a technical and precise tool or as a representative and sensitive medium. Axonometric perspective is used as an interesting hybrid between those two worlds, creating a bridge from technical to graphical representation.

An architectural drawing starts with a line, leading him to challenge the Euclidean idea of it as a “breadthless length” and to use it as an expressive element. When replicated, lines create a surface, a pattern, a texture, giving a materiality and an orientation to the reading.

The crafting of the drawing implicates a physical relationship with handmade drawings which is essential to him. The use of different tools such as tire-ligne, pencil, fountain pen or even marker pens offers countless possibilities to investigate ways of representing architectural objects, whether they are existing, projected or completely fictional.

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