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Acquire the notebook O by the architect Motoprorio.
O is a project which is set in Trondheim, an industrial port town in the north of Norway.
This site is characterized by a series of spaces (research centre, brasserie, bunkers) which are entirely severed from the surrounding residential spaces.
The circle is an empty infrastructure which links the two banks of the port. It creates a large enclosed area, in which the water and the quay become the fundamental components of this public space, a shared ground. The circle acts as a connecter and a barrier which will develop and fill up with future additions.
Proposal for the architecture competition Europan, with Alessandro Cianci; Vincenzo Mallardo (2010).

Pages: 90
Format: softcover
Paper: bond paper 90g
Publisher: Desplans x Laika Notebooks
Year: 2019

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