Desplans publishes the three winning drawings in limited edition of 12 and make them available for sale.

A3 format with brushed aluminum frame: 180€ or A3 without frame 150€.

If you are interested please 



Today, the way we approach the city and its spaces, both public and private, has greatly shifted affecting communities at a global level. Throughout the past few months we have learned to observe our towns from the windows of our interiors, appreciate short walks around our blocks and started to read our urban environment according to new paradigms which have subsequently reshaped how we now inhabit spaces as parks, streets, stores, restaurants and public transit.  Abruptly at first, we are now slowly breaking away from our ‘normal’ and, coming into contact with a new reality which threatens the very core of metropolis worldwide begging us to question and rediscover the real and fascinating fabric of our cities. 

What establishes the identity of a city? 

What distinguishes one urban environment from the other? 

What defines our relationship to the built landscape we inhabit? 



At a time when cities worldwide are being analyzed and questioned across disciplines and parameters, but most importantly by the individuals which contribute to making these exceptional systems of encounter, exchange and opportunity, #mycityscape asks us to look at our metropolis and map the main traits of the urbanscape which makes it our own.  

Many mapped the city of the 20th century, but how can we map the city of the 21st century?  

What tools will we use? 

#mycityscape asks you to question the definition of city, to challenge the act of recording the essence of your cityscape into one image.



#mycityscape is open to all creative fields. 

One can choose to participate individually or in a team which can count a maximum three members. No registration and or submission fees. 

Submission Deadline 18th December | Please send the submission to: 

Participants are required to send us: 1 Image (420x420mm – 150DPI) &  word file which includes the name of the project, the name of participants (Name and Surname), email details and a 50-word text which explores the image.  Both Image andword files are to be saved: nameofsubmission_Firstname-Lastname. 

The email should have as an object ‘mycityscape’.

Please note that the official language of the competition is English.  In addition to the email submission we also invite you to submit the project to us via Instagram by publishing this on your account and using the #mycityscape as well as tagging @koozarch and “@desplans_arkitektur.



Following the submissions on December 18th, the team at Desplans and KooZA/rch will make an initial selection of twelve drawings which will then be shared on our social media opening up the vote to all, 1 like= 1 vote.

The initial selection will be communicated on the 9th of January when the 12 drawings will be shared within our story feed. The final three winner will be announced on the 12th of January.

Desplans will then edit the three winning drawings in limited edition and make them available for sale. Royaltees from the sales will go to the winners and one artprint will be offered to each winner.



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