Architect agency, Paris

NP2F is an architecture and urban planning office created in 2007 by Francois Chas, Nicolas Guérin, Fabrice Long and Paul Maître-Devallon. NP2F believes in several fundamental points: architecture can not be an exact nor ideological science. The practice of architecture is an open process, marked by a permanent research and interpretation, thoughts and hypothesis on the phenomenas that surround us. Their approach of public/domestic space should be the same as metropolitan housing, combining shape study and urban planning, strategy and architecture. Every line, every sketch on space is discussed in the office: consensus does not mean compromise. They believe that the architect and the urban planner are Space Specialists. A complex question can find its way out through a simple geometry, and could be also economical and have a soul. They recently won the competition for the new Architecture School in Marseille, together with Jacques Lucan, Marion Bernard and Point Supreme.

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